The play uncovers the journey of Ann Rogers, from the retrospective of her father's photographs at the Museum of Modern Art, to her arrest at Tiffany's for attempting to steal a $78,000 diamond solitaire ring, to her subsequent therapy with a court appointed psychiatrist, and, finally, to her development as an adult separate from the identity imposed on her as her father's model. Because photography and "seeing" are so integral to understanding Ann's world and the world of her father, Edgar Rogers, Kevin and Ellen have created an intensely visual vocabulary for this play that will inspire a visceral experience for its audience. They have flooded the play with images. Space and time are warped, as present meets past. The inner workings of a nervous breakdown are laid bare through the torturous images that Ann must confront and escape. Hundreds of photographs cover the floor of the stage. Projections amplify the play's action. And, in order to uncover the humanity of the characters and to help an audience relate to Ann, they have juxtaposed cinematic truth, through language and physical behavior, and with the theatricality of a multi-media design.

In developing the script, Kevin and Ellen have arranged two formal readings of Exposure for invited audiences. These readings took place in New York City at the 78th Street Theatre Lab. Actors who participated in the readings included film and stage actor and Academy Award nominee, David Strathairn, Tony Award nominee Roz Coleman, and film, television and stage actors Christopher Hutchison, Matthew Fischel and Emily Ackerman.

This project will be fully produced in 2015-2016