With original music underscoring by Kathleen Clark.

Inspired by Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol and Un Crime dans une Maison de Fous by André de Lorde and Alfred Binet (1925)

Set in an institution for the blind, this five character play investigates a coming of age story between two inmates – Josette and Robert – who are torn between their co-dependency and their desperate need for independence.  For them, “normal” is a macabre, often surreal distortion, which is further altered when Josette finds herself drawn to the ever-menacing Taillegueur (pronounced “Tiger”) and Robert to the ever-angelic Kipa.  From night-to-night, traversing from the institution into the world of the “sighted” and back again, the characters in this play walk blindly through a type of purgatory where touch is noisy, smell is stifling and sight is all the more isolating and destructive.  Stylistically, Crime in a Madhouse is a modern day Grand Guignol:  these characters are trapped within a world of horror, violence and fear.

This project will be fully produced in 2014-2015.